January 2017

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Saturday, January 28th

Its 2017 now!!!

Holaa peepss..

I am getting to see a trend here.. My posting only appear duing early of the year.. hahahha sorry ya.. Am not a good writer, and some more, not much in mylife worth sharing kot.. Plain ol joe day to day..

So, here is to another new year of 2017, may all your dreams come true.

"You can't live it all, unless you live fully, now"
- Alan Watts

fahroe on 01.28.17 @ 10:23 AM GMT+8 [link]

Wednesday, January 6th

Welcoming to 2016


Demn.. serious lama aku tak tulis sini. Ignorance tahap max. Just keeping it alive due to other things..

2016 is here already. How's everything? Semua dah ada new wish kaa? Last punya dah capai? Kalau tak, sila-sila ler kasi carry forward tahun nih. big grin big grin

Am hoping for 2016 will be a great year. Although our economics tak beberapa bagus, but still wish that it will be great. Let's focus on our effort, and share our success. Not forgetting, be kind, respect others, and give help where ever, when ever possible. Not hard to do it rite? Lagi pun, if not you (or me), who else?

Just to share, from Jack Ma (founder of Alibaba Group);

Someone asks Jack Ma, "What is your secret for success?"
He says, "Really simple...I am doing (action) while you're only watching."

Alrite peeps. Will tempek more in near future.

73 de 9W2BBS and Happy New year 2016 to all. smile
fahroe on 01.06.16 @ 08:11 PM GMT+8 [link]

Wednesday, January 7th

Selamat Tahun Baru 2015

Hi pepel..

Tak tau la if ada orang dok baca blog nih. Ape-apepun...

Selamat Tahun Baru 2015

Moga tahun ini lebih dari tahun-tahun sebelumnya. Big challenges ahead.

Ended 2014 with the longest EmComm mission ever so far. Was deployed at Kota Bahru during the Big Flood 2014. Memang menyedihkan tengok keadaan mangsa banjir. Tsunami without dead bodies. Tu jer lah aku leh cakap. Aku harap, semua dapat membantu mangsa-mangsa banjir, tak kira dimana, Kelantan ke, Pahang ke, Terengganu ke, or even kat Perak, dengan apa cara sekalipun. Jangan asyik nak jadi keyboard warrior. Tak leh volunteer, derma la apa patut. Paling kokak pun sedekahkan lah doa semoga semua selamat.

Setting up few targets for myself this year. Hope boleh capai. Apenyer.. well for me to know myself lah. cool eh?

My blog will be here to stay, selagi aku renew domain. Nak menempek selalu mungkin jarang. Find me kat usual spot lah. FB/Insta/Tweeter/WhatsApp/Telegram/SMS.

Have a wonderful 2015 ahead, smile smile smile

73 de 9W2BBS
fahroe on 01.07.15 @ 07:13 PM GMT+8 [link] [No Comments]

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