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01/05/2011: "It's been a looooonngggggggg time"

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Ello ello ello..

Seriously, it has been a looonnnnnngggggggg time since the last update.

Lately semakin terasa "kemalasan" untuk mengupdate blog ini. Mana taknya, nak masuk pun kekadang asyik kene blok by opis internet access. Nak on broadband, dok buat benda lain. Last-last, tinggal macam tu aja.

Last entry was on September 2010.

It's now January 2011. Masih sempat lagi kot nak mengucapkan Selamat Tahun Baru 2011 kepada semua. Hoping that this year will bring wealth, happiness and goodness to all of you out there.

This year, something big is coming. Big change in my life. And I guess, it's time already for me to make the move. Being in and out of relationships is definitely had effect on me, hehehehhe..

So, Insya Allah, this June, it will be my big day. Preparation is on the way. Invitation will be send out soon. smile

Thanks to all who understand me, and support me during all these time. You know who you are.

Will write more later soon. QRT and 73 de 9W2BBS. smile

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on Tuesday, February 1st, Wahir said

Well ... dalam diam2 ek? ! Bagusla ... jangan lupa jemput aku! Tahniah!

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